Does SEOmatic generates images for Landing Pages or Blog Posts?
Absolutely, SEOmatic uses DALL-E to generate Featured Image for your Landing Pages or Blog Posts.
What are the current CMS integrations?
Seomatic is currently integrated with WordPress, Webflow, Shopify and Bubble. For WordPress users, you need to have a WordPress account on a self-hosted server so that we can access the REST API to publish pages on your behalf. Websites hosted by WordPress.com will not work as there are no APIs available. We plan to integrate with more nocode tools in the future.
Do you scrape data for me?
No, we don't. Bring your own dataset for your Programmatic SEO build. In the future, we are going to add datasets from Open APIs or Public Data only.
Are there indexing issues with Programmatic SEO?
Yes, it can happen that Google does not index your pages directly. It may take some times or you have do it manually in Google Search Console. We are working on a feature to index your newly created pages through the Google Search Console API.
Does the SEOmatic's AI Writter supports other languages than English?
Yes, SEOmatic supports the following languages:
🇺🇸 English 🇫🇷 French / Français 🇪🇸 Spanish / Español 🇮🇹 Italian / Italiano 🇳🇱 Dutch / Nederlands 🇵🇹 Portuguese / Português 🇩🇪 German / Deutsch 🇵🇱 Polish / Polski 🇮🇳 Hindi / हिन्दी 🇨🇳 Chinese / 中文 🇷🇺 Russia / Россия 🇻🇳 Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt 🇹🇭 Thai / ภาษาไทย 🇨🇿 Czech / čeština. Please contact us to add a new language to our AI writter.
Is AI separate to the Programmatic SEO or are they meant to work together?
AI writer is only here to help you get started with your content. It's you who decide if you want to add Programmatic SEO to your content strategy.
Are images generated by SEOmatic royalty-free?
Images are generated using DALL-E API. According to DALL-E terms of services, images generated using their API are royalty-free.
Is it possible to generate a single post?
Of course! We give you all the tools to generate content at scale but you can also choose to write one blog post at a time.